Carepro is proud to be offering the following services to our clients as part of our expanded product offering:

1. Bed rental options –  for individuals, as well as for facilities – various term options available

2. Rent to Own contracts for facilities – affordable financing options to assist in setting up your infrastructure optimally.

Our Rental and Rent to Own options are part of our key offerings,  affording our customers more opportunity and access to great Healthcare products, and assisting in aligning monthly income and expenses more closely with each other.

In the very near future we aim to provide the following services as well:

Air mattress rentals:  Rental of specialized air mattress systems offering pressure relief according to the customer’s own body weight, and prevention of bedsores.

Hospital and Care facility assessments:  Assessment of Hospital, Clinic, and Retirement Village bed equipment, including mattress assessments. As part of the assessment process, we will also offer advice on accessory equipment that could assist in the improvement of overall quality of life.