Who we are

At Carepro we’re focused on providing quality Health Care products, Homecare equipment, and medical consumables. It is with great compassion that we realize that many members of society will at some stage in life have the need for quality health care products to assist with maintaining a healthy living standard.

We are able to distribute a variety of health care products to cater for the need of individuals, companies, governmental departments, as well as charity organizations. We support quality international brands and have a special interest in Homecare beds with modern electronic functions, Hospital Care beds, as well as Specialized Air mattress systems. Carepro also collaborates with various other professional medical partners so as to give you informed product information and service.

What we’re about

At Carepro we’re about People, we love to interact and to provide great healthcare solutions at reasonable prices. We’re transparent in the way we do business, apply good governance measures, and always aim to support local communities where we can.

How we started

Carepro was started with realizing and seeing the very serious need for people from all walks of life to have Homecare bed options available to them, especially seeing that the hospital environment alone will not provide the necessary everyday relief people often seek. Often just the practical application of modern day bed technology in the comfort of your own home, or local environment, can make all the difference towards a quality daily lifestyle. When we sleep well, we feel better, and when we feel better then we act better towards one another, experience more happiness, and have a smile on our faces. To be able to smile is a gift of life.