CarePro Rental Agreement

CarePro Rental Agreement Form

Lease/Rental Agreement parties:

The rental agreement is between the following two parties:

Lessor name: CarePro  

Equipment Leased

Lessee hereby leases from Lessor, who hereby leases, subject to the Terms and Conditions set out in this Agreement, the goods described in the section below:

My rental term:

Kindly choose from the below options available the most applicable term for your rental item/s:

Rental notes:

  1. Upon expiry of any of the above-chosen term options, you may continue renting the products chosen on a month-to-month basis.
  2. CarePro’s minimum rental period is one month.


In order to facilitate responsible equipment rental transactions we require you to submit the following documentation via the Document Upload function below:


The amounts payable are as per the initial rental term chosen and all costs indicated in the client quote provided. Kindly fill in the fields below as per the quote provided to you.


Monthly rental payments are due at the start of each period for the current period.

Payment Methods:

Payments are accepted via electronic transfer (EFT) or cash deposit to the indicated bank details below. You may also make payment via our secure online payment provider Yoco.


Banking details for the Lessor:

Bank name: Investec Ltd

Bank account name: CarePro

Account number: 1001 281 5223

Branch number: 580 105

Reference:  Quote number / Agreement number

Should you prefer paying via our online payment provider Yoco, then please use the link displayed following after the submission of this form.